Into The Deep Woods: A Review of The Wild At Heart

When The Wild At Heart dropped for the switch I thought it looked fun. I love a good indie game, especially when the art is as adorable as this. I played Pikmin when I was a kid and this immediately gave me the same vibes when I saw a little bit of gameplay. So when I

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Charlotte Sands: Headed for Superstardom

It is easy to dismiss people that get famous on social media apps, but occasionally, you will find a gem that will make a lasting impact on the music scene. Charlotte Sands seems well on her way to doing just that. It is time to put down TikTok and start listening to the music. The

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Asleep At The Helm’s ‘Keepsake’ is a 2022 Metalcore Essential

The UK has an ever-growing post-hardcore and metalcore scene, and emerging from it is one of my first musical discoveries of the new year – Manchester’s very own Asleep At The Helm. The quartet debuted with their album Dissonance back in 2018, and have started 2022 off on a strong note with the long-awaited release of

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