Charlotte Sands: Headed for Superstardom

It is easy to dismiss people that get famous on social media apps, but occasionally, you will find a gem that will make a lasting impact on the music scene. Charlotte Sands seems well on her way to doing just that. It is time to put down TikTok and start listening to the music. The evidence is mounting that Sands is not an artist who got viral. She is an artist with a lasting impact on the foreseeable future.

Over the last two years, Charlotte Sands has been destined for massive success. Beginning with her single, “I Don’t Care” continuing with her EP Special and album Love and Other Lies, to her recent collaboration with The Maine and Taking Back Sunday in “Love You a Little,” Sands’ career has been on a firm incline. She has displayed the powerful combination of a belting voice, relatable but penetrating lyrics, and a great pop sensibility. Her latest single “Lost” does nothing to stop her rising momentum.

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The song is an ideal blend between synth-pop and modern post-punk while lyrically touching on themes of suburban alienation. There is even a nifty guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Sands is excellent at touching on those themes while having an authentic voice. When she describes being “sixteen in the suburbs” and being “mad at her parents” the lyrics are felt not heard. This skill distinguishes artists that can connect with an audience from those that simply write words on a page. This song should be catnip to her growing fanbase and continue her meteoric rise among the musical landscape.

It is past time to stop viewing Charlotte Sands as the one who wrote a love letter to Harry Styles. Now is the time to start viewing her as an impact artist on the alternative scene for years to come.


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