Exclusive Premiere: To Kill A Monster’s New Single “The Broken”

If To Kill A Monster isn’t a known name in your household, it should be. A staple punk rock band in Columbus, Ohio, since 2005, these guys pack a punch. Their energy is infectious, their choruses catchy, their sound new and all their own yet reminiscent of the late 2000s. The combination of familiar and fascinating will keep you on your toes, but it won’t take the length of a song for you to claim them on your playlists. Catch them at the perfect time now with their new single, “The Broken.”

You can watch and hear the exclusive release of “The Broken” below. Joey from To Kill A Monster sat down with All The Alt Things ahead of release to talk about their new single, a new album, and the ever changing music industry.

“The Broken” has a big sound. It’s energized and upbeat which has a very devil-may-care feel when paired with the lyrics. You said there’s a story behind this song, that it’s about saving someone. What was the inspiration for this song and why did you decide to release this as a single?

“The Broken” was an example of the rest of the guys creating something perfect that just happened to match up to a lyrical story I had been working on for awhile. They get the credit for the big sound, but lyrically I always wanted it to be a larger than this world story. It’s the love story of an angel that was cast out to hell but saved by a lover, and they escape to this world. But it’s really just about feeling like you don’t fit in this world. We all feel broken at some point, but having someone there to help fix the pieces can be everything.

As for making it a single, this is the first song written fully by the new lineup and we wanted to release it as soon as possible to show everyone a taste of what they can expect from new To Kill A Monster.

I’m a sucker for jam videos like this, I think it shows performance and so much personality, and To Kill A Monster isn’t a stranger to this theme. Why have you guys taken this approach with your videos and why did you continue it with “The Broken”?

I wish I could say it was planned that way but it’s all just kinda worked out that way with the last couple releases. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as you!  We’ll definitely have a “truer” music video in the future with more releases, but I hope we’ll always keep our personality in them. Unnus did a great job with this more straightforward performance video though!

To Kill A Monster has been around since 2005, and in the music world that shows a hell of a lot of tenacity and perseverance. What has that experience been like and how do you feel the music world has changed?

I used to dream of “making it” by being able to go buy my own record at the huge collection of music at Walmart at the time, or to get on MTV or Fuze. That’s not quite the dream anymore. To see everything go from cassette and records, to cd, was great for music at least from a fan perspective. Now everything being digital just doesn’t feel the same. Now artists don’t even need albums and can just release singles all year. Its been weird to watch personally but hopefully I’ll still be around and creating to see whatever the next change is.

You guys are working on a new album, your first since 2017. How is this experience different from your last album, and when can we hope for a release? 

This might be the first time we’ve been writing in order to actually make an album. Tons of things have happened over the years to slow this down, but we’re finally in a spot where we can write the album we want. All the albums before were just a collection of everything we’d made over the years at the time of each release, but this time the goal is to write a whole collection of brand new music. Some of the new songs would definitely be strange singles, so they’re gonna need a home next to our more straightforward punk/rock songs. Also, yeah it’s been long enough without an album so let’s make it happen.

Is “The Broken” a reflection of what we should expect to see on the album thematically or otherwise?

You’ll hear more of a guitar centric approach, a lot more standout riffs, melodic leads, guitar solos, and hopefully a new kind of energy and polish to what we’ve always been about. We have so much more on the way and in true To Kill A Monster spirit, we’re pulling inspiration from all genres. We absolutely can’t wait to finish and release everything we’ve been working on but we’ll see when and how we do that. At the very least we’ll be throwing another single out by summer if all goes to plan!

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