Paradise Drive Asks Cosmic Questions With “Wasted Blood”

Paradise Drive asks cosmic questions with “Wasted Blood”…

With vocals reminiscent of Chris Martin and music akin to the lighter side of The Band CAMINO, this song lulls you into a sense of easy listening and good time vibes. After 2023 saw a streak of singles that were guitar-driven, the intro to this song comes as a familiar calling card.

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However, Paradise Drive 2024 seems to have swapped out the driving, front-of-the-beat, distorted tones for something a bit more rounded and bouncy. At first listen, the airy vocals of this song sound especially cheery, almost lighthearted and carefree.

Given a second glance, however, you’re quick to realize a broken soul wrote this song.

Some of the questions PD asks come in literal form:

Why do I have to be this way?

Others are a bit less obvious: What am I worth? Has the struggle all been for nothing? What have I missed, and what has missed me?

Paradise Drive‘s Hugo De Bernardo is known for his spirituality, so these questions come as no surprise. His introspective journey is interwoven with cosmic themes, serving as a profound reflection on the human condition. His mission is to inspire consciousness. He wants to help others navigate love and life in all their complexity. “Wasted Blood” is a heartbreakingly autobiographical example of this inspiration.

The first verse starts in the past with a perception that he was to blame for missed opportunity. The second verse delves into a more recent past. Here, he is missing similar cues from love interests because of his dedication to his calling. Regret and a fear fill each chorus, questioning if it will all be for naught, fear that his life will be lonely and wasted.

Paradise Drive asks cosmic questions with “Wasted Blood”, and gives cosmic answers.

This is for certain: The existence of this song proves itself wrong. It should serve as encouragement in and of itself. Continue to pour yourself out into the world. Someone will be made better because of it. Because of you.

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