Cut Deep with Northpark’s Latest Hit “Ink”

I’m finding time to find purpose as I listen to Toronto’s own Northpark, though three minutes and fifty seconds hardly seems enough. Cut deep with Northpark’s latest hit “Ink.”

Purpose is a funny thing. It moves us forward, gives us urgency. It is entirely, unescapably un-concrete. We sometimes find our purpose in a state of flux because of the way someone else has treated us. The way they’ve spoken to us. Sometimes because of our own intoxication with them. We quickly become immovable because someone has cracked our code. They found a way to manipulate the thing that lifts our head off the pillow when the sun comes up. It is alarming, to say the least, that such an inherent portion of our being is so subject to control by another person.

And yet Northpark give us a champion to root for… That champion might just be you.

“I’ll spill the ink. I’ll cut you out. I’ll come to grips that you don’t hear a sound.”

This line represents the inability the antagonist has to comprehend or take accountability for past situations resulting in the protagonist finally realizing this and deciding to cut emotional ties. Throughout the song, they are talking about the power and positive effects of music and writing. For them, that is their outlet. Their encouragement to you is that you have the same power over your life and relationships.

Losing a friend or a family member who disapproves of you and/or your lifestyle is an unfortunate thing that every person experiences, or at least faces the friction of at some point in their life and journey.

“I’m going the distance to push past the friction.”

As a writer, I don’t like speaking in first person. Especially when I’m trying to be professional. I’m not sure where along the way I learned that first-person writing is unprofessional, but I’m breaking that fourth wall to tell you something that you need to hear:

I have friends who have been mistreated all the way up until the moment they realized they were worth more than someone else’s criticism. Specifically, their own families. Their own parents mistreated them. Their “family’s” true colors showed when they were kicked out of the house for being who they were.

Those friends are now doing better in their lives than they ever had before because they were willing to press into the friction. They realized that they can live as the people that they are. They don’t need to conform to someone else’s reality. Northpark talks about the immense pressure those people must feel when they say:

“I’ve been pushing up against the tidal wave just to get through another day.”

As a friend, as a third-person observer, as a very unprofessional writer, I implore you. Spill the ink.

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