Lost Like Lions Sees New Horizons in Latest Single “Back to Life”

The lost has been found in Lost Like Lions‘ new single, “Back to Life.” The first release from their upcoming EP, Fear of Letting Go, this song is about relinquishing the old and accepting the new. It’s their first release since 2021, and it’s easy to hear that something has fundamentally changed.

“Back to Life” is the type of song that catches you wholly off-guard. It doesn’t punch you in the gut, but instead takes you by the hand. Lost Like Lions has divined something that doesn’t beg an emotional reaction, but invites you into a sphere of its own creation. The song is lyrically simplistic, with floating melodies and soothing vocals. It evokes the warmth of sunshine, sounds like wind rushing past your ears. It feels like freedom, like driving with the windows down.

Their previous release, B Sides EP, has a much more aggressive quality that is notably absent in this new single. “Back to Life” reads like an answer to that EP, a reflection after a year has passed. Most notably, a common theme in Lost Like Lion’s previous work embraces the idea of running away, noted in songs like “Liquid Cocaine” and “Enemies.” However, “Back to Life” has let go of this idea, instead positing:

“We could run, but that wouldn’t make things right.”

This single has other such variations in themes, presenting instead a more introspective voice. It replaces B Sides‘ biting aggression with something closer to grace.

Growth and change are very much Lost Like Lions’ M.O. Risen from the ashes of vocalist Derrik Schiersing‘s previous band, they’ve thrived in a state of flux. Undeterred from long breaks, lack of showtime due to the pandemic, or shifting bandmates, Lost Like Lions has an ever-evolving sound that demands to be heard.

I like to think my taste in comfort bands is eclectic, if somewhat misunderstood. Maybe adding Lost Like Lions to the list will add a bit of clarity. I can’t help but celebrate a band that moves with the flow, that rolls with the punches. It’s a testament to their tenacity, their strength. Rest assured, Lost Like Lions will be here for a long time, this is only the beginning.

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