All Get Out Return With “Feeling Well” and “DFR”

January is (let’s be honest) a pretty dire month. The shine of Christmas has worn off. We’re left with cold weather and a New Years resolution designed to be broken by February. So, imagine my excitement to have the Groundhog Day loop broken on the 14th when All Get Out rocketed back into my headphones. 

The group’s first new release since 2018’s superb No Bouquet landed unexpectedly. Offering two beautifully interwoven songs, “Feeling Well” and “DFR.” If you haven’t come across the band before, these two tracks perfectly showcase exactly what you’ve been missing. 

“Feeling Well” eases us back in, starting off with a lone chugging guitar accompanying a near-whispering Nathan Hussey. Lyrically, painting an all-too-relatable picture of an anxious, paranoid mind. Then it explodes into an impassioned chorus that makes me want to throw myself around a sweaty venue. The song trails out with the repeated line, “I don’t feel right about it now,” before seamlessly transitioning into the gentler “DFR.”

Here, subtlety is the name of the game. Layers of beautiful backing vocals and spacious guitars gel together and carry us through the song. Honestly, you’ll find yourself picking out new parts with each listen. All this converges to create a perfect sonic backdrop to Hussey’s introspective lyrics: 

“Got me thinking I was somebody’s saviour, out on behaviour, unpacking what got me here.”

I first stumbled upon All Get Out in 2011 with the release of their debut record The Season. I wasn’t ready for what I was about to uncover. Forty minutes later I’d been through a whole spectrum of emotions that would have cost me a small fortune with a therapist. With each release since, All Get Out have built on these foundations from 2011 with powerful and honest music. “Feeling Well” is no exception to that rule. 

Exactly what January needed and a promising teaser of what All Get Out will bring to the table in 2022. You can stream “Feeling Well” below.

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