Honey Revenge breaks the mold with latest single ‘Rerun’

Tiktok has been a game changer with artists in terms of getting their music to a wider audience. With the algorithm’s on their side, an artist can go from zero to hero in a matter of weeks. However, that algorithm can also be a downfall if timed poorly, or if released too late. As we all know, Tiktok and black holes have one thing in common: time exists differently there. But one band seems to be surfing the time-bending waves with relative ease, and that’s Honey Revenge bringing their new single ‘Rerun.’

Honey Revenge is based out of Los Angeles, California, and they’re kicking up a lot of dust. The pop-punk band comes backed by a loyal fanbase, and it’s easy to hear why. They’ve been putting out killer singles left and right over the last year, and growing with each latest success.  I have ‘Ride‘ and ‘Distracted‘ comfortably sitting in my ever repeating songs-I’m-addicted-to playlist, right next to Loveless‘s ‘Lighthouse‘ and Bad Omens‘ ‘Just Pretend‘. If patterns are any indication, ‘Rerun’ is primed to make Honey Revenge my playlist majority.

Thanks to Tiktok, ‘Rerun’s chorus has been scratching the right part of my brain for weeks now. The energy in the band’s Tiktoks is inescapable. I’m guilty of setting the phone down and listening to the chorus on repeat, waiting for the full song to come out.

I wonder if I try again / can I change how the story ends?

They didn’t disappoint. ‘Rerun’ was everything I wanted from the song, with vocalist Devin Papadol‘s husky verses and bright, energetic chorus, and guitarist Donovan Lloyd‘s jazzy, punky licks. I wish the song was longer, it’s perfect as it is but so good that it leaves me wanting more. Thank goodness for the loop button.

But the video. The video is everything.

Devin, playing the main character, surfs tv channels and sees a character who looks just like her ex. She inches closer to the tv, and falls into three different shows commonly on cable rerun: I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, and That 70’s Show. The entire video team should be given props for this beautifully rendered ode to sitcoms past. The sets and outfits for each television classic are so iconic and recognizable, and the van scene inspired by That 70’s Show was executed flawlessly.

With each distinct look, Honey Revenge also has a look all their own. It’s brilliantly bright, alive, and animated. They put themselves in the same category as a tv show rerun that’s old news, easily predicted, and constantly retold, while also showing that they’re breaking that mold and in a league of their own. They literally smash a tv with a sledgehammer.

Also, can we please bring back gag reels and behind-the-scenes after every music video? This reel is golden and shows the fun and goofy side of the band, cast, and crew. Between the electrifying video and the relatable bloopers afterward, the video is an instant hit that will surely rocket them into stardom.

That is if their sold-out show with Loveless on November 11th doesn’t.

Listen and watch their new single below:


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