Reliqa’s “Terminal” is a Lesson in Feral Honesty

Somewhere in my home library, there’s a beaten-up book of essays called 3 Minutes or Less: Life Lesson’s from America’s Greatest Writers. I’ve had it since I was in middle school. Contributing authors include Sue Miller, Tim O’Brian, Amy Tan, among many others. One such other is the late Pat Conroy. In his page-and-a-half essay,

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Reliqa bares soul in new EP, ‘I Don’t Know What I Am’

Reliqa was a real lifeline for me in 2020. I was introduced to their single, “Mr. Magic,” in October of that year, right in the thick of the chaos. That slow-burning charge of a song rattled through me and met something in my chest. I’d never heard music like it, but I found something utterly

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5 Metalcore Artists to Add to Your Dungeon Crawl Playlist

Some days, grinding through levels on Black Desert Online or making a fresh character on Path of Exile just hits different. There’s something so relaxing in digging in and committing yourself for an hour in perfecting combos, collecting upgrade pieces, and watching your XP slowly tick higher. It’s incredibly soothing to me, and that perfect

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