Reliqa’s “Terminal” is a Lesson in Feral Honesty

Somewhere in my home library, there’s a beaten-up book of essays called 3 Minutes or Less: Life Lesson’s from America’s Greatest Writers. I’ve had it since I was in middle school. Contributing authors include Sue Miller, Tim O’Brian, Amy Tan, among many others. One such other is the late Pat Conroy. In his page-and-a-half essay,

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Reliqa bares soul in new EP, ‘I Don’t Know What I Am’

Reliqa was a real lifeline for me in 2020. I was introduced to their single, “Mr. Magic,” in October of that year, right in the thick of the chaos. That slow-burning charge of a song rattled through me and met something in my chest. I’d never heard music like it, but I found something utterly

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